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 Welcome to server rule's.

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PostSubject: Welcome to server rule's.   Fri Jan 22, 2010 9:45 pm

1. No teleporting away from wildy pk areas will resault as a warning to get band.
2. No flamming staff or others be on your very best.
3. Do not ask for staff we ask you to become one.
4. We don't crash other people's server that will resault as a iphammer.
5. We don't spam our server to other people's server's that will resault as warning.
6. No bad words that is not aloud any more as it bring more fights to the server.
7. We don't like troll's so don't speak that around us or you will be muted for 2days.
8. No glitching regardless of what you say you will be pounished.
9. No spam spawning it will resault as a deadly combat witch will lose half the items in you'r bank.
10. Do not lie i do not tollerate lairs.
11. Most importently if you do not read these guid lines i do not care what you tell me even if you say jesus fell from the sky and i had to catch him i don't care misdo one of these rules and your done thats it period.
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Welcome to server rule's.
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