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 I would like to join the staff of fire-ice.

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v3ng pk3r

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PostSubject: I would like to join the staff of fire-ice.   Thu Jul 23, 2009 8:34 am

Hey La... still didnt learn your name, sorry, but it will happen in the future eventually.

I am applying for staff today, because i love to help, ialways have good ideas.
Such as making a new pole to apply for staff, i told pokeman god to tell you, but he got all the credits

I have helped alot of peple such as pokeman god, kam, and way more people that i dont remember, i think you may have heard of me... but usually when i help ppl i dont tell them, to tell the owner,{you}
that i have helped him.

I have been staff in alot of servers such as 317, and 508, i have never gooten demoted and i wouldnt let that happen in the future { now }.

I havent made 200 topics onto this site,but i have enough experience of staff to be one.

Im not saying that if i become staff i would feel superiour to other members of fire-ice, its just to keep the server off of spammers, hacker, and helping people with problems.

And even tho i dont get accepted. i would never stop helping people. thank you, dearly V3ng pk3r.

I would appriciate it if you send me the response to my e-mail adress ty
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I would like to join the staff of fire-ice.
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