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 my request for admin+ on fire-ice

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PostSubject: my request for admin+ on fire-ice   Sat Jul 25, 2009 10:37 am

[b]Hi la ajz or whoever reads this i am signing up for staff because i think i'd be great help.
i am already a mod.i've already stopped spammers before and im always helping players when they ask.Im not only doing this so i can spawn stuff , i am doing it so i can benifet the server because im already rich on the server so i might as well do my share to help out.I also probably have admins that would agree i should get admin+ (cry 4 merci) im not very active on the forums because i dont know what to do on the forums but if i get promoted i'll gladly help on the forums etc. I find that fire-ice is a very good server with great potential thats why i would like to help,plus and over the time i've played on your server i've been very active i've been playing like 2-hours a day on your server i know that means i have no life but having a no-lifer help you is a lot more help then somone who plays 1 hour a day , thanks for reading this

your's truley
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my request for admin+ on fire-ice
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